UnderGroundClans Paintball Team

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About Us


In 2010, a brand new paint ball league emerged, The Milsim Corps Paintball League. We as new teammates, to a brand new league, competed in the Mil-Sim Corps 5/7-man team completing all 6 missions with achieving status as Elite Recon of the Milsim Corps League – 2010.



With pride and love for the sport, comes respect for the sport itself and the players we compete against. We’re a family-oriented group of guys who believe in having fun and to play safe on and off the field. In order to succeed in anything we do, we stick with our core values of teamwork, communication and hard work.


Due to circumstance with our previous team, some of the players were unable to commit to the same 7 - Man team for the following season, so we were left with 3 members. With the  3 Dagger, Slick, and Moses  formed a new scenario woods-ball team called  Under Ground Clan with players from Massachusetts & Rhode Island. We have acquired 10 - 15 years experience amongst each other in a combination of Big Games, Speedball & Woods-Ball. The love for the sport was there from the time we all picked up a marker and shot it for the first time…….

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