UnderGroundClans Paintball Team

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Players Code Of Conduct

Team Members & Reserves will read and follow the rules -

staying well with in their boundaries

1: I understand that paintball is a game of honor, and I will play it that way.

2: When I shoot an opponent , I will immediately cease firing and advancing, and give the player a moment to call it. If the gentleman continues to play on I will not lower my standards - I will simply continue to press my attack.

3: Once I am eliminated, I will clearly call my self out, hold my hand/gun up, 
signal I am out  and place a barrel cover on my gun, hold it up as i exit the field or return to the insertion point. During this time, I will not communicate to active team members on the field.

4: I will not wipe paint or continue playing on once I am hit. 

5: I will not use eliminated players or refs as physical cover. 

6: Under no circumstances will I intentionally shoot as to injure a opponent.

7: When I encounter a young, elderly or prospect player, I will be patient with that player and inspire them by my example. I will extend that player additional courtesy. I will encourage new players to try the game of paintball and will treat them with respect

8: In person, and online, I will avoid condescending remarks, and actions that could possibly be construed as unsportsmanlike. If a situation degenerates into unsportsmanlike conduct, I will remove myself or otherwise avoid the situation. Winning and losing are not excuses for poor sportsmanship. Be a gracious winner and a good loser. How you play and handle yourself are far more important than the outcome.

9: I will not drink alcohol or use illegal drugs while playing the game as these can alter my judgment and physical abilities. Also, avoid using profane language in all instances.

10: At a field paint only event, I will only shoot field paint.

11: I will not intentionally turn up the velocity of my marker while playing. I will regularly chronograph my marker at every practical opportunity. 

12: I will treat my marker as if it were loaded at all times. Never aiming my marker at any unmasked player or unmasked spectator - loaded, or unloaded.


  • Team Member - A team member is an active participant in all team outings.  This includes practice, walk-on and scenario / tournament events.  A team member is listed on the official roster that is given to all sponsors and as such, each team member is eligible for all sponsorship perks.  Team members can be moved to the Reserve Member status.

  • Reserve Member - A reserve member is a participant that has gone through the candidate selection process, but cannot participate in all team required events.  This person plays with the team at walk-on and scenario events, but does not receive any of the sponsorship perks.  A reserve member can become a team member after attending scheduled team events for 2 months.  At that time, the leadership can update the roster to include the new Team Member.

  • Candidate - A Candidate is someone who has shown interest in the team and has requested a team evaluation for entry into the team roster. After the evaluation period the candidate will either be asked to be a team member or a reserve member.

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